Pari – Parshu Giri (Debut Album)

Pari is the debut studio album by Bhutanese-Canadian singer-songwriter, Parshu Giri, releasing in April 2017 exclusively only on HutNumber101 Productions.

Singer’s note

I would like to extend my warmest thank-you to all my friends and family for their enormous support and love. Also, I would like to give my shoutout to all the media personnels for their support in promoting this album. 

Pari (Album Details)

Complete list of songs, lyricists, composers and other credits in the album Pari.


  1. Birano Desh Ko Manchhe
  2. I Love You
  3. Kyaram (ft. Melina Rai)
  4. Timilai Dekhera Lau
  5. Gori Nakkali
  6. Manda Muskan (ft. Girish Khatiwoda)
  7. Manda Muskan (Music Track)


  1. Rupesh Dhungana
  2. Sunil Giri
  3. Narayan Dhungana
  4. Damber Nepali
  5. Narayan Dhungana
  6. Bikram Sapkota

Music Composer(s):

  1. Damber Nepali
  2. Sunil Giri
  3. Rupesh Dhungana
  4. Damber Nepali
  5. Rupesh Dhungana
  6. C. D. Vijaya Adhikari

Pari (Album Photos)

Pictures/album¬†cover photos of Parshu Giri’s debut album Pari.

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